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Choice Avocados

Fallbrook grown 100% organic avocados, fresh cold-pressed juice, citrus, and more. We are a family owned farm with a mission to provide the purest produce, and educate the community on the importance of organic eating. We are also highly passionate about rescue dogs!

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The freshest, tastiest produce around.

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Check out our seasonal fresh fruits for some mouth-watering, healthy snacks.

Hass Avocados

You won't believe your taste buds! You can't get this great flavor from a store. Enjoy only the best here.

The Freshest Juices

Our freshly squeezed and curated juice blends will have you coming back for more!

Customer Reviews

Just visited this avocado farm with my family for the first time and we will definitely be returning. After getting to know the family that runs it they were kind enough to let us walk their grove and handpick the avocados of our choice. As we strolled the beautiful property we were accompanied by their group of rescue dogs who were extremely sweet and loving.

Local, Organic, Fallbrook Fresh!

Best avocados!! The farm is beautiful.

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